Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper-piecing: I Take It All Back

At the end of July, I figured I better get Tara's block all finished and in the mail.  I pulled out her fabulous red fabric and got to work.

I'll admit it.  I've not done much paper piecing before.  In my mind, I thought it was the "easy-peasy" way to get nice clean lines and crisp points...worth doing for unique shapes and tight angles, certainly, but easy.  Almost cheating.  Oh my, I take it all back! 

I really had to think to figure out how to best cut and place my pieces so they didn't end up just a little shy in one corner or the other.  I think I unpicked every other seam, including the last one because a sliver of white kept showing up in the middle of my asterisk.  Grrrrrrr.....

At the end of the day however, I'm so glad to have done this block.  What a fun pattern!  Now I have a few little paper-piecing tools in my quilting tool-box.  Who knows, maybe next time it will be easy peasy!

Thanks for such a fun block Tara!


  1. Paper piecing is something else, isn't it?! I'm glad you figured it out! I have limited paper piecing experience, but would it encourage you to know that this block is not particularly easy? At least I didn't think so. :) You did great with it!! It looks fabulous!

  2. I've done a fair amoutn of paper piecing and enjoy it. But the form of these shapes was tricky, I thought, and I unpicked A LOT of seams. Probably every one at least once! LOL. But it looks fabulous and I love how it turned out!

  3. I had trouble with this one, too, but I LOVE how it turned out in the end once I figured it out, so it was way worth it. Yours looks great! I can't wait to see Tara's finished quilt . . .

  4. Would never know there was any problem with you paper piecing this block Andrea - it's perfect!