Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Amanda's Star and an Asterisk Update

 Here's Amanda's Neighbor's wonky star!  Hoping she likes it!   I think it would be so cool to receive a quilt as a gift and know how many hands that you don't even know went into the making of it!
 And here's a couple of shots of the asterisks so far.  I've gotten back 9, so just waiting on a couple more and then I'll make a few more too.  I'm thinking a scrappy red 2" square border around the whole thing.  I love how all of the different backgrounds play off of one another to add interest and movement!   Exactly what I had in mind,  Thanks, ladies!

For Amanda Jean

This wonky star seems to have been around a long time, but is always fun to make. Surprisingly I recently saw that red, pink and aqua are the in colors. Hmmm....Amanda Jean are you ahead of the curve. Bonnie

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wonky is not so easy!

This block looked so easy, but I was challenged by its wonkiness! I have been striving for symmetry for decades, and to do the opposite was against my nature. Takes real effort to make these points look haphazard, and I think I need more practice. I tried, Amanda Jean.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

July & August blocks

I've been productive, though sadly, not in time for the July deadline.. But look, I made an asterisk for Tara!
and a wonky star for Amanda Jean!

You know, I wasn't really worried when I got Tara's package in the mail, but I should have been.  That asterisk kicked my butt.  If you look closely, you'll notice I added a few extra seams.  You don't have to look that closely to see that I didn't square it up, giving Tara a chance to fix it as much as she needs to.  I did my best, Tara, but this wasn't easy.

On the other hand, my maverick star (one of my all time fave block patterns) was a breeze.  I know we don't join bees just to make the blocks we like, but it sure does make me feel good to know I at least did something right..

These two were fun ladies, and I hope you both enjoy them.  Should arrive by the end of the week..
Thank you~~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Liberated Star for Amanda Jean

Over the weekend I finished my liberated star block for Amanda Jean.

I used some of my scraps of Sugar and Spice fabric that Amanda Herring, The Quilted Fish, had sent me as part of her design team activities. I thought they were just perfect for this project.

I had been so intrigued by these liberated stars when we were at our retreat this summer that when I got home I immediately bought Gwen Marston's book. In that, she showed how sometimes she doesn't make the star points come together at the inner point. So, I tried that on this one. I wasn't sure if Amanda Jean would like that, so I e-mailed her about it. But we both ended up agreeing that when the whole quilt is put together, it will give it that little extra special touch of "wonkiness." So, I'm leaving it like it is. Hope you like it, Amanda Jean.

Like the rest of you, I could find these seriously addicting. I love the feel of them and think it would be really fun to play with different fabric options. I really love the red, white, and turquoise look. Just a great combo! I'm glad I had the right mix of fabrics on hand to add to the center Amanda Jean sent me. That always makes it even more fun.

I'll get it in the mail by the end of the week, Amanda Jean!

I'm having so much fun with this bee. Thank you for inviting me to participate!

Mama Pea (AKA Stephanie in MI)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Two's Company Bee: Amanda Jean

Always a fun block! Can you see where I snuck in a small scrap from the red that Tara sent for her block?

The finished quilt should make a great present. Happy birthday from one Mary to another!

Tara's *

Two's Company Bee: Tara

I for one loooove paper piecing, but I'd never done it with tracing paper before. I've always used freezer paper, but I decided to try the tracing paper method this time to see how that works. And for me, it didn't work so well. After one failed attempt, I went back to freezer paper! If you struggled at all with this block, next time you try paper piecing, maybe consider that instead.

First month, and already I'm a slacker--sorry Tara! I made this last week, and popped it in the mail for you yesterday, so you should get it soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Simple and Satisfying

Amanda's Maverick Star was a fun, simple and satisfying block to do.  Didn't think I had any aquas in my stash...then looked again at the color inspiration piece and saw a variety of shades of aqua.  
That I could do!

I have to say, I've been loving looking at this block sitting out since yesterday afternoon. 
Hmmmm....maybe I need to make a few block for me too?  
I can see now why there's been such a red and teal craze!

Well it'll be on its way to you on Monday, Miss Amanda!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wonky for Amanda Jean

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to Amanda Jean for this fun, quick, and easy block. I have never made a wonky star and I really enjoyed this one. Hmmm... maybe a wonky star quilt in my future? Who knows.

I hope you enjoy it, as it is on it's way back to you now! By the way, love the color combo!

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper-piecing: I Take It All Back

At the end of July, I figured I better get Tara's block all finished and in the mail.  I pulled out her fabulous red fabric and got to work.

I'll admit it.  I've not done much paper piecing before.  In my mind, I thought it was the "easy-peasy" way to get nice clean lines and crisp points...worth doing for unique shapes and tight angles, certainly, but easy.  Almost cheating.  Oh my, I take it all back! 

I really had to think to figure out how to best cut and place my pieces so they didn't end up just a little shy in one corner or the other.  I think I unpicked every other seam, including the last one because a sliver of white kept showing up in the middle of my asterisk.  Grrrrrrr.....

At the end of the day however, I'm so glad to have done this block.  What a fun pattern!  Now I have a few little paper-piecing tools in my quilting tool-box.  Who knows, maybe next time it will be easy peasy!

Thanks for such a fun block Tara!

My first maverick star - finished!

This was a fun one Amanda Jean!

I've never made a maverick star before and enjoyed searching for the right fabric to go with that great read polka dot center.

Hope this works for you:

....and your friend and neighbor!

I think they will make a great quilt.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Star for Amanda

In spite of all my whining about the asterisk block, it really was fun to do, and I'm having an absolute blast with this bee. For one thing, I've been able to keep up, so that's a plus for me. For another, it's making me try things I normally wouldn't or never have before. Thanks, Tara and Amanda -- I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

This maverick star is another thing I've only seen and thought about trying, but never have. Now I know why . . . they're ADDICTIVE! I made this one for Amanda . . . and now I want to make an entire quilt full of them. Ack!

There will never be enough time for me to make all the quilts I want to make . . .