Monday, August 22, 2011

Amanda's Star and an Asterisk Update

 Here's Amanda's Neighbor's wonky star!  Hoping she likes it!   I think it would be so cool to receive a quilt as a gift and know how many hands that you don't even know went into the making of it!
 And here's a couple of shots of the asterisks so far.  I've gotten back 9, so just waiting on a couple more and then I'll make a few more too.  I'm thinking a scrappy red 2" square border around the whole thing.  I love how all of the different backgrounds play off of one another to add interest and movement!   Exactly what I had in mind,  Thanks, ladies!


  1. Smashing wonky star Tara and I love how your asterisks are looking!! That is going to be a great quilt!

  2. I'm LOVING your blocks together! i'm glad it's coming together just as you imagined it. that's wonderful! it's going to be stunning. I LOVE the idea of the 2" squares for a border. but then again, I am the queen of those little babies, aren't I? ;)

    your maverick star block looks great! THANK YOU!

  3. Oh, that's pretty neat! The idea of the scrappy red borders is just great. I think it will be just the ticket. After I had made mine on white, I reread your instructions and thought, "Gee, I should have chosen an off-white or something beige to give you more interest. I'm glad you got some like that, because it works really well!