Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Scrappy Bee

The above two quilt, unfinished of course, have been made recently. The top quilt is the result of a block exchange I have been in forever. The second is one of the improv quilts I have been experimenting with recently.

It all started with a quilting class around 1976. I immediately loved quilting, although the teacher said no one would be crazy enough to make a bed size quilt. Was she ever wrong! Many quilts later I have tried downsizing my quilts without much luck, but I have been in love with scrappy quilts all this time.

With my name Bonnie Bus friends have come up with several nicknames for me, B Bus, Bonnie Bee, BB, etc. I am just that Bee quilter. It seemed natural to include my Bee in my blog name.

I do love staying busy as a bee.

This bee will be fun. Although it is my first internet bee, I have done block exchanges and round robins with local quilters. We have had good times in these exchanges. I am looking forward to this bee and making blocks for everyone.

PS. I plan on by red and white blocks to be scrappy!


  1. I want to do something scrappy, too! I love scrappy but have a hard time accomplishing it. I tend to be more "organized" about my fabric selections. Something I continue to work on!

  2. I love scrappy, too. So happy you are in this Bee, Bonnie!