Friday, June 10, 2011

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I would like to introduce my self, Mary Kolb, to all of you Two's Company Quilt Bee members!
The dream of my life came true nine years ago when we moved to the lake and therefore my blog is Mary on Lake Pulaski
I am a fabric fanatic and even though I've been quilting for thirty + years, I like lots of different styles.  This two color bee really caught my attention and this is what I want you all to help me make:
Just kidding!!!!! But isn't it pretty!
Thanks again to Andrea for putting this together and allowing me to be part of it!  I can't wait for the sewing to start!


  1. Mary, I love your introduction! It is awesome. I was actually excited when I saw the quilt you want to make! LOL! That would be a challenge, but I'd love to make something like that sometime. Should we do that together next?!

  2. Mary, you dang near gave me a heart attack with that one! Why don't you try that one on your own and let us know how that works out for you? Or, well, Stephanie said she'd help you . . . I think the two of you could whip that out at the July retreat, then you'd have it out of the way!

  3. Wahoo, wouldn't THAT be an adventure. Hey, if you can figure out how to make it into a bee-friendly block.... :) Glad you'll be sewing with us Mary!

  4. I don't know--I think we could make this! Though it might take the full year...
    Looking forward to sewing with another Mary :)

  5. You've got great taste in quilts, Mary. I think I will wait until they make a cheater version. Meanwhile, something with a little less math would be nice.