Saturday, January 14, 2012

Working on Mary's Block


I have to share with you what happened to me today. I decided to start working on Mary's block. I really enjoy paper piecing. I loved Mary's suggestion (and still do) of making a paper template of the pieces for the block. I decided to do that. I cut up a paper pattern, and I folded the fabric in four layers. I laid out the pieces on the appropriate colors, and I cut them out roughly. I tend to add a generous amount when cutting out shapes for paper piecing, because the funny angles can be deceiving about how much fabric you need. I decided I'd cut them all out and put piece #1 in a sandwich bag along with the pattern piece, #2 in another bag along with the pattern piece, etc. I started putting the pieces in the plastic bags.

That's when I saw piece #9 sitting on the table with no red fabric to go with it.

My first thought (after, "NO!"....) was, "Sh**! I already cut up all the red fabric."

Yep. Had to e-mail Mary and beg her for a little more fabric. (I felt like Oliver Twist...."Please, sir. May I have a little more?") LOL.

All I need is to cut out four of piece #9.

Mary was so gracious and is going to send it to me. How embarrassing.

Gang, I am really not totally inept. Promise!

I did sew one of the blocks, all for piece #9. It went together great. So, the strategy of precutting really worked great for me. Just make sure you get all the pieces laid out before you cut! haha! (And do cut generously, too! I cut at least 1/2" extra on all sides.) Having the pieces in plastic bags is a huge help. I use one out of the first bag, move it to a new pile, come back to the table after sewing, pull one from the second bag, etc. Really smooth.

I haven't used the vellum before for paper piecing. It's sweet. I think that will make tearing the paper off really easy.

Oh, and I asked Mary what the "extend here" part meant on the pattern piece. She said we should let the fabric "run wild" on that edge....that is, don't trim to the 1/4" line. I imagine it's so she can trim them when they are all done so they are the exact same size. Just thought I'd mention it.

Have fun paper piecing!



  1. My first attempt at a quilt I got about 2/3 done when I realized that the one important color was going to go way short ran back to the store no more of that color. Just wanted to cry. Now sadly I just buy way too much lol more scraps for me.

  2. You are doing great Stephanie! Thanks for adding this to the blog for everyone to read when they work on my block!
    Anyone else with questions or ?, just let me know.

  3. Heh! I don't mean to laugh, but I think we've all been there, so it's more like commiseration. And a great warning--I'm going to dive into the block this weekend, and now I'll be even more careful while cutting!

  4. these comments were very helpful to me, so thanks for posting it!