Friday, December 30, 2011

Here We Go - Mary on Lake Pulaski's January Block

I knew you all love both applique and paper piecing so it was hard to choose...but.....
I chose


ETA:  12 1/2 inch block - 12 inch finished block
  • Pattern is from
  • I washed all the fabric I'm sending so don't use anything else (let me know if you need more). 
  • I've included the printed pattern on vellum so it's easy to remove 
  • I printed out an extra copy of the design and cut one of them up so I could use it as templates for the fabric. I put the template on the fabric and cut slightly bigger around it for the seam allowance. I found that this method ensures that the fabric is the perfect size and is less wasteful than judging by eye.


  1. Striking pattern! This will help me brush up my paper piecing skills.

  2. Mary, I love paper piecing! This is a gorgeous block! Can't wait to get going on it! Woo hoo!

  3. Love this design, and I really want to learn how it goes together. The circle-of-geese tutorial looks like a big help.

  4. I got the fabric today! thank you~
    might need to make a test block first...

  5. Love this! Love paper piecing! What will the finished size be? Got my fabric yesterday, ready to go!