Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leaves for Shelly

My fingers are a bit sore, but with Helen's encouragement (thanks for coming over to sew today!), I pushed myself to finish this block for Shelly tonight, so it can get in the mail before the new year. 
Sorry for the bad lighting in the pic, but I knew I should keep the momentum going and just get the blog post done now..
Shelly, please ignore my bloggy whining about this block, it really was a fun one to do, and I'm grateful for the challenge you gave us.  I had forgotten how much I like applique and was excited to rediscover the style and my water soluble marking pen (hope i got all the blue lines out, btw).  You have inspired me to add some applique to my current project, and if it turns out half as cute as your laurel leaf quilt will be, I'll be satisfied.

Can't wait to see all the blocks together.


  1. It looks great, Jessica! Way to go. And you made my day. I thought I was the last one! LOL. I am glad to be in your company on this one! Hugs.

  2. It does look great! Thank you so much for the effort. I know I was hard on all you guys!