Friday, June 1, 2012

Peppermint Sticks for Andrea

At the tail end of the bee, I'm happy to be wrapping things up with this easy block.

Inspired by the fantastic variety of fabrics everyone contributed from their stash over the course of the bee and these two quilts...

...I decided I want "Peppermint Stick" strip blocks in white and red.  Here's the strip I made.

A full tutorial is on my blog here.  For this block, please use:
  • True whites (nothing to creamy).  White-on-white or red-on-white fabrics are great.
  • Really red reds....cherry red, candy apple red, convertible red, Christmas red, peppermint red!  I especially love tonal prints (red-on-red) and white-on-red prints.  Nothing too orangey or purply or with other colors in the print.  
  • Measurements of your own choice...strip should be between 35"-45" in length and 3"-6" in width (unfinished).  The rest is up to you.  
  • Clean lines and even spacing.  I love me some wonky....but not for this quilt.  Please have the stipes be evenly spaced and of the same width.
If you have fabric in your stash that will fit the bill, hooray!  Please use that.  If you need me to send anything, let me know.   I'm also requesting your signature on fabric to go on the back on a little block like this.  :)  Details for that are also on my blog.

If you have any questions, please let me know.   Can't wait to sew this up in July.  It'll be my "Christmas in July" project!

Thanks so much ladies!  Sweet sewing!


  1. Looks like fun! I can do that. Plenty of stuff in my stash for it. If not, I'll go shopping. Any excuse works!

    At first, I thought we were doing the quilt in the first photo, and my thought was, "That does NOT look easy!" LOL

  2. This will be sweet, indeed! Kinda like having dessert after a scrumptious feast. This bee group has been outstanding!