Friday, June 15, 2012

Lime and Peppermint

I'm all caught up!

I made lime and red HSTs for Nifty. Since I used my normal method of making them (sew two squares together and cut them apart) it made 2 of each alike. So . . . I only sewed half of them into a strip, and I sent the other half "loose", so you can scatter them around in your quilt in other places as you see fit, Lee Ann.

 Then I made a peppermint stick for Andrea. I wanted to call it a Barbershop Pole about halfway through. Add in some blue, and you'd have one! This was fun and quick and easy, and I've already put all of this in the mail to you guys!

Now that we've all had our turn, what's next? Is the Bee over (sadly)?

I do intend to come back and show my finished quilt one of these days. I've decided on a setting and border, but my applique has slowed down considerably lately . . . too many irons in the fire!


  1. Thanks so much, Shelly! They look perfect, and I'm glad to have the extra ones.

  2. I love your blocks! I had two of each in mine, too, Shelly! Great job. Maybe someday, I'll get all my blocks sewn up into a quilt, too!