Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blocks for Jackie

I can't believe I already have my blocks for Jackie done and in the mail. I am having such a busy month. I just needed a break and felt like sewing these. Jackie, I took to heart your comment about the "wilder the better." I hope you like them. I didn't have much wild fabric in my stash, so I enjoyed going shopping for you. I really liked adding some of these fabrics into my stash. The only disappointing one in my book is the bottom triangle in the block on the lower left. It was a beautiful Japanese print. But, when I cut it, it just came out as a solid red. Oh well...a place for the eye to rest, right? :-) Hope you like them. They were fun to do. I can't wait to see everyone's all put together. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Sorry the photo is kind of dark. I am having trouble finding good lighting. I'm rarely home when it is light out, and the sun rarely shines in Michigan in the summer anyway. LOL.

Stephanie (Mama Pea)


  1. I absolutely adore them!! I can't wait to get them either. They will make a fantastic addition to my quilt. Can't ask for any thing better than an excuse to buy more fabric too! Thank you so much!!

  2. Love your wild geese, Stephanie! Some of those reds look familiar (wink) and may appear again in mine.