Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bear's Paw for Mary B in March

Two's Company Quilt Bee: Me!

A little switch from the reds for March! For my block, I'm looking for blues.

I think the bear's paw is one of my favorite patterns--something about a big, mean bear translated into a soft, comfy quilt, which, when it's done, you can say is a "bear hug" when it's wrapped around you.

I've sent the dotty fabric to each of you for the background, and I'm hoping you'll make the paws out of blues in your stash. Scraptastic or a single fabric, I'll love whatever you choose to do. I made a few practice blocks, shown above, to experiment with just some of the ways you can do these, but the possibilities are wide open.

The block is a pattern from the terrific 501 Rotary Cut Blocks by Judy Hopkins. If you like playing around with traditional blocks, with a variety of sizes, this book is a must-have.

Speaking of sizes, this block is a little unusual. Please note that it will end up being 12 3/4" unfinished, 12 1/4" finished.

Any questions, let me know!


  1. Looking forward to receiving the fabric!!

  2. Looks like fun! Can't wait! I love that some can be the same fabric and some can be scrappy!

  3. Bear's paw is a favorite of mine, but I have never made one till now. And yes, I have that wonderful book, too. Looking forward to your dotty fabric!

  4. I've heard fabric has already arrived in some parts of Long Island, so you should all have it soon! Can't wait to put this one together. It's already a favorite :)

  5. i'm really looking forward to making this block! and it will be fun to work with blue instead of red. love your sample blocks! they look stunning.