Saturday, May 12, 2012

HSTs for Nifty

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I plowed through my scraps to make some HSTs for Nifty!

I must say I am really loving them and am reconsidering sending them... well okay... I will send this bunch.  But I may have to make my own.

I made 12 in this strip.

This is a close up of six.  I used my tutorial on HSTs, you can find it here.  Also, if you go to my blog, you can see the post that I did too.

I hope you like them Nifty, they will be on their way to you on Monday!

Until Next Time...


  1. Beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Those are gorgeous Jackie! I'm off to find some reds and greens!

  3. Love 'em, Jackie! Your stash is amazing! I am excited to make these!

  4. Great colors Jackie! Love your HSTs.