Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here's Mary's block, which was mailed last month but never posted here.

I am SO grateful for Stephanie's heads-up about cutting carefully and Amanda Jean's mini-tutorial on cutting the pieces using a template.  I am quite sure I would have botched it TERRIBLY without your help.  I also realized part way through that it would work better if two sides of each square were extended so Mary could trim it down.  Hope that helped!

Here are Jackie's geese.

Loved having her tutorial.  Certainly am learning more about paper piecing than I ever anticipated!  Can't wait to start those blue Bear Claws!!!


  1. Thanks Andrea! Got my geese and they are beautiful. Have fun with the claws!

  2. They look fabulous, Andrea!! Can't wait to see them and add them to my wall! Just received Mary's today and they look great!

  3. Looks great! Yes, I realized when I got done with mine that it would have made more sense to leave two sides wild! Good for you! They both look great!